From time to time, The Friends Group has community events to help raise funds for the library and to build our community. As a member, you will receive advance notifications and invitations to participate in Craft Shows, Bake Sales and other fun activities in our community. 

Bake Sales

The hardest thing about a Bake Sale? Narrowing down what your going to take home without looking like you’re trying to gain 150 pounds overnight. Fortunately bake sales are no longer just cookies and cakes. Artesian breads, Gluten free delights, home made pastas – the variety is as endless as the venders who participate. Plus you know those kids down the street would just love to take half a Butter Crunch Triple Chocolate Espresso Mouse Cake off your hands when it’s discovered hidden behind the kale in your fridge. Membership has it’s benefits.

Interested in being a vendor at our next Bake Sale? Contact us and get ready to make some dough.

Never Ending Book Sale

Like Books? Inside the library on our sale shelves you just never know what you might find. From antique books to DVD’s to comics, who knows what hidden treasures await? The library accepts donations and prices them to move fast. Many items are brand new or in mint condition. The best bargains go to those who shop often. 


Book donations gladly accepted and all proceeds go to supporting the library. We will even give you a tax receipt that you can show to your Old Uncle Sam.

Craft Market

Just when you think you’ve seen it all at a craft show, somebody has made something that will knock your socks off. Fortunately, there’s probably somebody nearby that has some beautiful handmade sox just for you. With sequins no less! Try getting those into your Doc Martens. You are never bored at a craft show.

Looking for a way to show off your handmade goods and also make some quick cash? Contact the Friends and see when our next Craft Show is scheduled.

Special Events

From food truck festivals, to community movie night, The friends of the Library will try anything once. Have an idea for something fun for the community? Contact us and chances are, we’ll like it too!

As a member of the Friends of the Library, you will receive advance notice of all events we have in the works.