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For solo glockenspiel

Difficulty: Medium to Advanced
Duration: 9:00 (eight movements)

 I read A LOT in my college days (books, yes books), something I am constantly trying to get back into despite the many medias being thrown at and distracting us on a minute-by-minute basis. The eight movements of mementos are my aural realization of a subconscious full of the disturbing, hilarious, darkened, and painfully beautiful words found in Chuck Palahniuk’s literary works: many of which I read during my time in graduate school at LSU.


For marimba duo

Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 1:30-2:00 (four movements)

Elements for marimba duo was written with the young percussionist in mind, serving as a supplemental tool for percussion method books and/or private study. Each of the four movements represents a natural element through programmatic textures, phrasing, style, and tonality, drawing melodic inspiration from hymns with the corresponding element in their title.

for a muse

For percussion octet


Difficulty: Medium
Duration: 4:30

Hydra is a work for eight percussionists that is inspired by the greek, serpentine-like beast of the same name. Hydra’s canonical mythology tells the story of a multiple-headed water monster that would regenerate two heads should one ever be removed. There are many allusions to the number “2” and the idea of musical regeneration throughout the piece. Also, the “hisss” of the serpent is ever present in the graduated trash metals found in each performer’s setup.